The Yangming Campus in our 1st graduation albumThe extension of national curriculum is the foundation of national culture restoration and national construction development. Therefore, In 1967, Late President Chiang Kai-shek mandated the government to carry out Grade 1-9 Curriculums from 1968. Yangmingshan National Park Management Bureau thus increased 4 junior high schools in Yangmingshan areas, including Yangming High School. The present location was chosen for the campus (next to Bailing Bridge, Chungcheng Rd., Shilin). The construction started on May 6, the preparatory office was set on June 23, and the school was officially established on August 1. 
Our school was originally named [Bailing], which was renamed as [Chungcheng] later on by Pan Qi-wu , the head of Yangmingshan National Park Management Bureau to appreciate the education reformation carried out by Late President Chiang Kai-shek and the benefits he brought to the students. Mr. Chiang, who was a very humble person, renamed the school as [Yangming] to commemorate the personal participation of Mr. Wang Yang-ming, who was a great philosopher in Taiwan.
Pan Qi-wu , Director, Yangmingshan National Park Management Bureau
Taken from the building opposite to our school in 2002The main building was finished within 3 years. It is a beautiful Chinese style building with both modern and classical features designed and supervised by architect Ms. Hsiu Tze-lan which includes the Administration building, Special classroom building, vehicle and bicycle garage and snack shop (now situated in the present location of Junior college building which was a one-story house). Chief Executive of Tai Yuen Textile, Ms. Wu Shun-wen, donated a gymnasium, which was finished in Nov. the next year (the present Taiyuan center). In June 1977, 8 more classrooms, 1 speech platform and a swimming pool with 6 watercourses the depth of 1.2 to 1.4 meters were constructed. Another special classroom building was constructed in 1981. 
The education principle of our school is following the teachings from previous leaders and officers to reach a balanced development on character, intelligence, physics, socialization and art to enable our students to be knowledgeable people who take actions. Moreover, [Honesty, Respect, Knowledge, Action] have been the motto of our school.
Through the practice of
[Understanding our disgrace and mistakes, treating people with loyalty and tolerance],
[Understanding all etiquettes and working for public interests],
[Pursuing refinement, innovation, and the sense of continuity],
[Being pragmatic and striving for thoroughness, and following the course of everything] to cultivate a good school culture of [Being honest, Loving the group, Pursuing knowledge, Being pragmatic] to encourage the students and teachers to understand their disgrace and mistakes and pursue refinement and innovation
Inscription at the stair corner of Administration building